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Brand Rep for Polka Dot Posh So, you are interested as becoming a brand representative for Polka Dot Posh? That is awesome!

Here is a quick overview of the program:

The term for the brand rep program will run from October to December 2018. If selected, brand reps will serve for three-month cycles. At the end of the three months, both the rep and Polka Dot Posh will review and determine if the contract will be extended.

What's required: Wearing cute clothes, posting pictures and loving Polka Dot Posh! Our brand reps are encouraged to share their love for “All things Posh” by sharing pictures and/or videos in their Polka Dot Posh purchases. Brand reps are required to post so many times per month/week, provide clear images and promote the brand on her own social media accounts.

What is in it for you? In return for your love and support, Polka Dot Posh will provide the following: A personalized discount for your followers (10% off) The brand rep will receive 25% off all purchases ( brand will be required to make at least 2 purchases during 3 month period). At the end of each month, the brand rep will receive a 10% commission for all sales from her monthly promotions. This commission will be paid in the form of store credit or Polka Dot Posh Gift Card.

Does this sound like a winner? If you are interested, please complete the form below and I will review and follow up within 7-10 business days. Thank you so much!

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